Instant Payday Network Training Day 4 – Keyword Research

by Justin in Training

Ok here we are back, with day 4 of my Instant Payday Network Training Series

Today we will cover Keyword Research


Instant Payday Network Keyword Research

I hope that gave you the information you needed to better understand what keyword research is all about.

One other method you could use is called Google Instant.

This is when you begin typing a word into the Google Search and Google will instantly show you the most searched for keywords related to what you type in.


This is a great place to start and get keyword ideas.

Here are the links to the methods that I listed in the video.

You should go through and find as many long tail, buyer keywords as possible

Typically what I do is pick one or two main keywords and make those the theme of my website, they would be the highest search volume keywords and most difficult to rank for then use the rest of the keywords and build one blog post around each one.



long tail pro review



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