Instant Payday Network Training Day 2: Backoffice Guided Tour

by Justin in Training

Welcome back and welcome to day 2 of my Instant Payday Network Training Course.

We are just getting going and have a lot left to go

I wanted to stop for a minute and give you a tour of the Instant Payday Network Back-Office before we get too far ahead.


Instant Payday Network Training: Day 2

The Instant Payday Network Back-Office is where you will come to track stats, check the leader-board, change capture page and so much more.

When I first got started with Instant Payday Network I spent a lot of time in the back-office watching the training videos and checking out all there was back there.

Keep in mind that this is a rather basic back-office but inside you will find everything you need to get started and grown your business.

Now that I have a really good understanding of the Instant Payday Network system, I rarely come to the back-office unless I am shooting a tutorial video like the one above.

I check in from time to time and see how my capture page is converting, sometimes send extra emails to leads but for the most part I rarely even log in.

Instant Payday Network Day 2 Training

Instant Payday Network Training

In today’s video I talked about and showed you my new blog of IPN, yes the same one you are on now.

I created this blog less than 2 weeks ago and already am on page 2 and page 3 for 2 of the 5 keywords I am targeting with this blog.

That is impressive considering the amount of competing pages for these keywords.

The exact marketing method I have used to this point is very simple and the same system I will be using over the next few days of training.

Not really a ton to talk about today outside of the video, so if you haven’t already watched the Instant Payday Network Training Day 2 video, scroll back up and check it out….

See you tomorrow, where we will layout the groundwork for our marketing plan…



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