Instant Payday Network Scam | Talking Trash While Making Cash!!!

by Justin in Instant Payday Network

Instant Payday Network Scam

Let’s address a topic that makes me “madder than hell and I ain’t a gonna take it no more”, people talking trash about this Instant Payday Network Scam non-sense.

Instant Payday Network Scam

instant payday network scam

People are always hating on every make money online program, but why?

Why would anyone call Instant Payday Network a scam?

I have a few theories on that but the one that I feel best describes it is, some people are uneducated, ignorant and mainly lazy!!

Does that mean they are bad people and should be shunned like a sinner in Amish country (side note I love Amish Mafia, :))

No, I think that they just lack education and their first reaction is to say something negative about everything, trust me there are people in my life like this and they are a drag.

Are there some make money online programs that are scams only out to siphon as much money out of your checking account as possibly, Absolutely there are but Instant Payday Network is not one of these programs.

I know that just me telling you is not enough, you need proof, no problem, I happen to have plenty to show you.

Instant Payday Network Scam

Here is a couple of income proof videos for you to chew on, watch these, let it simmer, then you make a decision on whether you think it is a scam or not.

This is something that you will find a lot from me, I let others talk their trash while I keep making the cash!!

Income Proof 1


Income Proof 2

Oh yeah did I mention that I just signed up for Instant Payday Network back in late February and to this day have never once paid a nickle for traffic.

One more thing that i hear way too many times, Instant Payday Network is advertised as a 100% free marketing system, but most of the offers on my cash freebies aren’t free.

I agree most of the offers are not free, but that dies not make it a scam or even false advertising because there are several free offers you could choose, although they are not the most desirable offers to do.

I completed 2 offers of express and 2 offers on double my cash freebies to qualify for Instant Payday Network, it cost me just under $9 for all of these offers.

I expect that you could get by for about the same price but you have something I didn’t have, a $20 cash bonus, man that would have been nice

So even if it costs you $20 to complete all of the offers, you will get $20 back from me when you compete both sites, so it will be completely free for you, plus you get all of my training bonuses.

So for all the people looking for more information on instant payday network scam and does instant payday work, I hope this answers some of your questions.

Stay tuned, there is so much more coming soon….

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is instant payday network a scam

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