Instant Payday Network Training Day 5 – Setting Up A Hosted Blog

by Justin in Training

Welcome Back


Today I will be covering how to set up a hosted blog with Blogger

Hosted blogs are free blogs that are the quickest and easiest blogs to set up and get your content in front of as many people as possible

I like using hosted blogs from time to time because they are free and are a great way to test the waters, so to speak

Normally I will set up a free blog in a niche, throw some killer content on it and then see how it ranks in search engines

I am looking for how long it takes to rank, how fast it rises to the top of Google

If it performs well in search engines rather quickly then I know it would be worth my time to invest my time and money in building my own self-host blog.

So here is how I would set up a hosted blog on Blogger, I will cover the customization is a second video

So as you can see, very easy stuff but how do we make it look great too, no problem I have you covered in the next video

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