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I enjoyed talking about marketing with you today.

See I have a great job, I talked to you for over an hour while working.

here is some basic info on ILN

The basic apprentice program is $14.95 per month.

The affiliate program is $14.95

You do not need to own the upsell products to make commissions from them, so $30 is the monthly fee, worth at least 10 times this.

Here is what you get with apprentice program

  • A customizable lead-sucking blog
  • Powerful hosting for that blog
  • The Famous 8-Figure Million Dollar Day course
  • 8-Figure Branding And Attraction Marketing course
  • Solomon CEO Discovery course
  • 8-Figure Facebook Marketing course
  • ILN’s top affiliate training webinar
  • ILN support center
  • Private Internet Lifestyle Network Facebook community

Here are the upsells

The Internet Lifestyle Network’s Apprentice Membership: “The 8-Figure Leadership Million Dollar Day Game, Your Own Blog, Hosting, Support Center, Private ILN Facebook Community And Blog Marketing Training.”

Price: $14.95/Month = Pays You $7.50/Month

The Internet Lifestyle Network’s Custom Blog and Design. “Take Your Online “Image” and Business To The Next Level Now!”

Price: $995 = Pays You $500

The Internet Lifestyle Network’s 8-Figure Inner Circle Membership. “8-Figure Leadership Training, 8-Figure Monthly Leadership Game, 8-Figure Marketing Training, Live Inner Circle Only Webinars.”

$95/Month = Pays You $50/Month

8-Figure Leadership Branding For Direct Response

$195 = Pays You $100

Solomon CEO – “21 Ancient Secrets For Entrepreneurial Leadership”

$495 = Pays You $250

The 8-Figure Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint & The 8-Figure MLM Launch Formula

$995 = Pays You $250

Solomon 10,000,000+

$1,495 = Pays You $750

At this point, assuming someone you recruit goes “all-in” you will have made $2,157.50.

Click the banner below if you are interested in getting more information or getting started, Thanks.


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Hey Justin,

I enjoyed our talk yesterday, it’s hard to find Internet Marketers who (like you) are so willing to help others succeed.

Thanks for the link.. I’m checking it out now.




No problem, Thanks again and hope you find ILN as great of a program as I advertised it to be :)


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