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Hello and Welcome to my Google Sniper Review

I am the top Google Sniper in the business, I was born with the name Justin but you and all my friends just call me the Boss Blogger.

In this blog I want to accomplish one thing and that is to bring you the most honest and informative Google Sniper 2.0 Review


If you are looking for one of the reviews where its all butterflies and rainbows claiming that Google Sniper is the best affiliate marketing training course ever created, you wont find it here.

What you will find is:

  • What Is Google Sniper 2.0
  • How Much Does It Cost and What is Included
  • Is The Sniper Method Still Effective
  • Pros and Cons of Google Sniper 2.0
  • My Experience With The System
  • My Overall Recommendation

That’s a lot to cover so we better get started.

What Is Google Sniper 2.0

Google Sniper 2.0 is an affiliate marketing training course by George Brown.

The original Google Sniper was first released back in 2009 and brought the affiliate marketing world to their knees

Who would have thought that such a simple system would be so effective and generate results in record time.

The system revolved around the concept of creating small laser focus mini blogs that targeted one high search traffic keyword.

Everything article, post, page, tag was about that keyword and boy did it ever work

Cut through the search engines like a knife through hot butter!!

There were many changes to the way that search engines rankings were¬† calculated after the original “sniper system” was released so in 2011 George Brown came back with his new updated version of the system called Google Sniper 2.0

This “new” system was even better than the first and was the magic bullet solution that struggling marketers were looking for.

The system is so well laid out and detailed that a beginner could quickly implement the technique and advanced enough that even experienced marketers could use it to increase profits and dominate the search engines.

Some people say that with the new Google changes to the way they rank sites that the Google Sniper system doesn’t work, ha oh yes it does, check out Does Google Sniper Still Work.


How Much Does It Cost?

The base Google Sniper 2.0 system is $47 for lifetime access

There are a couple of Up-Sells that you can consider:

  • Up-sell 1: Over the shoulder video case study, watch a top sniper build and generate profit quickly and easily, then just duplicate
  • Up-sell # 2: Secret traffic sources, learn the top secret sources George himself uses to get floods of hungry buyers to his sales pages
  • Up-sell #3: a month recurring inner circle membership where George shares his top insider tricks and techniques not shared in the Sniper system.

What Do You Get With Your Purchase?

  • Life access and lifetime updates
  • Quick Start Guide (Word doc)
  • 104 Sniper Manual (PDF)
  • Video Training 10 videos in Basic Training Area
  • Sniper X – 30+ Training Videos
  • Sniper X Coaching Series – 23 Coaching Sessions
  • Extra Videos 11 More Training Videos
  • Empire Module – 7 videos
  • Process Maps (powerpoint)
  • Full Support Desk Access

Wow that’s a lot of training, I feel Google Sniper is one of the most complete training programs you will find.

My favorite videos to watch over and over are the case studies where George and other top snipers take you along for an over-the-shoulder view of them creating sniper sites.

How Effective is the Google Sniper 2.0

I can tell you are super stoked already about GSniper2, I would be to, but all this really means nothing if the methods are not effective.

So how effective is the sniper system and does it still work?

The short answer is very effective and yes it still works.

There are a few things that would be listed as asterisks in that statement though including.

  • The system is only as effective as you are willing to put forth the effort to make it happen.
  • This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme, there is a lot of work to get through all of the training and then to implement the methods.
  • The system still works but Google is making constant changes to combat sites like the ones you will be creating so you will have to think outside the box and do everything you can to provide value and be the most useful site for your targeted keywords.

Google Sniper Pros and Cons

I could list many pros of the Google Sniper 2.0 system but I will limit it to my top 5.

  1. Very easy to understand and implement and one of most inexpensive marketing methods you could chose.
  2. Super detailed training that covers everything you will need to know to realize success as an online marketer.
  3. 60 money back guarantee
  4. Tried and True System, top affiliate marketing training course for over 3 years
  5. Case studies, the Sniper X modules are worth 10 x the measly $47.

Cons – no marketing system is perfect, Google Sniper is no different, you must make a decision if the pros outweigh the cons.

  • Videos are long and George repeats himself a lot
  • George lets the training get outdated for a while then comes back with updates to stay fresh with whats working today.
  • The keyword research module is the long and cumbersome way of finding keywords.
  • There is a lot of training, I mean a lot, It took me over a week to get through it all.



My Experience As A Google Sniper

I first bough Google Sniper 2.0 when it was released in 2011, I never had a chance to use the original sniper system.

Everyone was talking about how great the system was so I had to get in and see it for myself.

Well, I will be honest at that time I was one lazy ass marketer and did not want to read the sniper manual or watch the training videos so I did not complete the training and left it buried away on my hard-drive.

I continued to bounce from one get rich quick scheme after the next, you know looking for that push button miracle software that was going to make me rich over night.

The problem was they got the fast part right but not the rich, instead I was investing every dollar I had in systems that did not work.

I actually quit for about 6 months and said I was done with online marketing.

The bills started growing and I had to make a quick decision, I am glad I chose to give affiliate marketing one more chance and even happier that I chose to make my return following the Google Sniper method.

I was all in and gave it all I had.

This time I completed the entire Google Sniper 2.0 training series and implemented each step as I built my first sniper site.

I targeted a physical product called the Fit-bit when it was first released.

Notice I said, a physical product, not ClickBank, this method works for any type of product.

I was amazed that in just under a month from building site I was ranked number 1 for “Fitbit Review” which was getting just over 2,500 local searches per month.

I was making 13% per sale on this item and was selling about 75-100 per month after my first month.

I was amazed that I was now bringing in around $1,000 a month from a sniper site that took about a day to create.

I was hooked and since then I have now built 72-75 sniper sites which amazing results.

I now build them quicker, better and more efficiently than ever before.

I consider myself to be an expert on the “sniper method” and have created a secret recipe that I use on each site to avoid Google penalties and get to the top of search engine rankings quickly and easily.

I am probably one of the strongest supporters of Google Sniper 2.0 and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get started in affiliate marketing or anyone who is struggling to get the results they have been looking for.

I would love to hear you thoughts or questions on the Google Sniper System and I hope you found this Google Sniper Review helpful.

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