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Hey guys,

Just wanted to come back and show you guys what I did last month with the Instant Payday Network system and this blog.

** Note that this is in no way to brag, but to show you the kinds of money you could be making if you half ass market Instant Payday Network like I do**

If you are just getting started and have no clue what to do, head over to my other Instant Payday Network site jump on my FREE Instant Payday Network video training series.

It is free for anyone who stops by but I will be adding a training eBook to those who sign up under me and complete steps 1 and 2 under my referral link, remember this is all on top of the $20 bonus I am paying.

So here we go, another solid month

 Express.MyCashFreebies $ 400

Double MyCashFreebies $396

 Total from IPN $796

 Extra Sources

 Google Adsense




Total For September 2013 $949.92



Hey everyone

Justin back again to address the main Instant Payday Network Complaints

Do not expect me to sit here and say that Instant Payday Network is the perfect make money online system, because it is not, there is not one perfect system.

Unlike almost every post you will find on one of my blogs, I will not ramble on, you came here for specific information, that is exactly what you will get.

1. Instant Payday Network is not completely free

Nope it is not, it can be if you do specific trial offers on express and double my cash freebies but they are not the offers that anyone wants to do, getting a new credit card or doing a payday loan, no thanks!!

However it is very close to free, most of the offers you will be completing do have a small shipping and handling or processing fee but it is minimal for most of the offers.

You can expect to do about 2 offers per site, 4 total, which have an average cost of $0 – $2-4, I did 4 offers total, one site was $3.5 and the other was $5, about $8.5 total.

If you sign up here with me, you get a $20 bonus paid directly to your PayPal so if you spend about what I did, you will make money on day number 1.

2. The program is just a sales funnel and nothing more.

Bullsh*t, yes the sales funnel is a huge part of this system but what about the training, what about the relationships you will build through this system, what about the overall education that you will gain through this system.

This is the perfect system for beginners because you get to see the whole process right in front of you and since everything is done for you automatically you can sit back and drive traffic.

So many other systems show you how to set these type marketing systems but it is all just do this do that, with Instant Payday Network, you get the system all done for you, you just drive traffic, watch how the system works and get a better understanding about how online marketing works so that when you expand beyond IPN you have experience with a system that works.

3. Posting ads on Craigslist sucks, my ads always get ghosted

I agree it can appear that way at first, Craigslist still ghosts ads I post and I have been doing it for years. Posting on Craigslist is not hard, actually one of the easiest ways to drive traffic you will ever find, ghosting is part of the process, it happens, not always but it happens.

(Craigslist Ghosting is where your ad appears in your back-office as live but you will never be able to find it in the listings, if you cannot find it your customers will not be able to either.)

I have posted thousands of ads on CL and average about 1 in every 5 ads getting blocked or ghosted

Instant Payday Network Complaints

4. I do not know anything about marketing online or making money on the internet

Instant Payday Network does some training in the back office but it is not the best in the world, enough for you to get by and make a few bucks here and there but not the type of training program you would receive from a make money online training program.

There is good news though, if you sign up here me, I will have a 12 part video training series that will show you everything you need to know to make money online with Instant Payday Network as well as many other affiliate marketing programs.

If you follow the system I will give you to the t, you will make money online no matter if you have experience or not.

5. I joined and am not making money, now what?

Well are you following the system or are you giving it an half ass effort?

If you are following the system and still not making money there is something wrong, if your marketing method is Craigslist, check the current listings and see if your market is over saturated with other marketers promoting Instant Payday Network, if so try a close by big city.

If all else fails check out my training videos and you will take your game to the next level.

Did I mention my Instant Payday Network Training was 100% Free, no opt in required.

Instant Payday Network Complaints

instant payday network complaints

My final complaint is not so much one that I have heard or had anyone ask me about it is just a general perception of mine from what I have seen so far from others.

It is quick to call Instant Payday Network a scam just because they advertise the program as free and it is not 100% free, common man, here is a system that will make you money, don’t believe me, just watch my income proof videos.

You can sit here and break Instant Payday Network down into parts and criticize each and every part of it, yes you could, or you could invest around $10 and get started with the system.

If you sign up under me, I will give you a $20 bonus, so guess what, you will already be in the profit, then watch my training videos and read the training e-book I wrote, give the system an honest try before you make your decision on whether you can write Instant Payday Network scam all over the internet or not.

I am making around $1,000 a month from Instant Payday Network each and every month, you could easily double or triple what I am doing and really rock this thing.

Quit kicking tires, quit searching for every bad thing about Instant Payday Network and take a chance, I am hear waiting to provide you with all the training you will every need to be successful in the program.

Ready to sign up?

Awesome, sign up here Instant Payday Network

still not for you, no worries I got something that has a ton of positive reviews and was recently updated for 2013 and all of the recent Google changes. Check it out below.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Instant Payday Network Complaints post

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Instant Payday Network Scam

Welcome back,

Let’s address a topic that makes me “madder than hell and I ain’t a gonna take it no more”, people talking trash about this Instant Payday Network Scam non-sense.

Instant Payday Network Scam

People are always hating on every make money online program, but why?

Why would anyone call Instant Payday Network a scam?

I have a few theories on that but the one that I feel best describes it is, some people are uneducated, ignorant and mainly lazy!!

Does that mean they are bad people and should be shunned like a sinner in Amish country (side note I love Amish Mafia, :) )

No, I think that they just lack education and their first reaction is to say something negative about everything, trust me there are people in my life like this and they are a drag.

Are there some make money online programs that are scams only out to siphon as much money out of your checking account as possibly, Absolutely there are but Instant Payday Network is not one of these programs.

I know that just me telling you is not enough, you need proof, no problem, I happen to have plenty to show you.

Instant Payday Network Scam

Here is a couple of income proof videos for you to chew on, watch these, let it simmer, then you make a decision on whether you think it is a scam or not.

This is something that you will find a lot from me, I let others talk their trash while I keep making the cash!!

Income Proof 1


Income Proof 2

Oh yeah did I mention that I just signed up for Instant Payday Network back in late February and to this day have never once paid a nickle for traffic.

One more thing that i hear way too many times, Instant Payday Network is advertised as a 100% free marketing system, but most of the offers on my cash freebies aren’t free.

I agree most of the offers are not free, but that dies not make it a scam or even false advertising because there are several free offers you could choose, although they are not the most desirable offers to do.

I completed 2 offers of express and 2 offers on double my cash freebies to qualify for Instant Payday Network, it cost me just under $9 for all of these offers.

I expect that you could get by for about the same price but you have something I didn’t have, a $20 cash bonus, man that would have been nice

So even if it costs you $20 to complete all of the offers, you will get $20 back from me when you compete both sites, so it will be completely free for you, plus you get all of my training bonuses.

So for all the people looking for more information on instant payday network scam and does instant payday work, I hope this answers some of your questions.

Stay tuned, there is so much more coming soon….

Click the link below to get started with Instant Payday Network Today

is instant payday network a scam

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Hey everyoneInstant Payday Program

Justin here, welcome new my new bad ass Instant Payday Network Review Site

For those of you who have never been to one of my sites you are in for a real treat!!

For those of you who are coming from my other Instant Payday Network Review and Bonus site, welcome back, we are going to do things a little different over here, better of course!!

Whether you are here for an honest review, my kick ass bonus offer, advanced training, or just to see my beautiful finance in my pictures, you are in the right place.

So you are probably wondering why in the hell would I be making another Instant Payday Network Site, if I already have the number one ranked Instant Payday Network site on Google?

Good question, but don’t worry I have a plan

My plan for making my first site was to market Instant Payday Network and make money, we will be doing things a little different on this site, this site is all about you, I want you to start making money with Instant Payday Network, and I am opening the book and am going to give you everything you need to be successful.

I have been so successful with this program and love the fact that I have been able to help so many people get their start in making money online.

So, how is this site going to help you make money?

Well, on my other site I had a pretty solid review of Instant Payday Network, a killer bonus, income proof and several training videos, but it just wasn’t good enough

Yes it was good enough to be at the top of the biggest search engine around for all of the keywords I was targeting, but something was missing.

While that site was hands down better than any other site on the internet for Instant Payday Network, this site is going to crush all of the others.

Consider this site my gift to you, because inside the pages of this site you will find some of the most step by step, hold your hand make money online training you will ever find.

I just have one question

Are you ready?

I sure hope so, I am super excited to me laying the first few bricks on the bridge that will let you walk over all the obstacles that most new marketers face.

I want you to shed your doubt shield, put your trust in me and know that I am going to lead you where you want to be.

Before I do, let me make this disclaimer, “I make money online from Instant Payday Network and several other sources, my results are not typical and are the product of years of hard work and continuous education.

I cannot and will not guarantee your success or that you will make any money from Instant Payday Network or any other program I may mention in this site.

I can however guarantee that the odds of you making money will be greatly increased if you follow the exact blueprint that I will be laying out here on my Instant Payday Network Review.

Let’s get to it, shall we!!


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