Here is what you came for, my Instant Payday Network Bonus offer

While most people either do not offer a bonus for signing up under their referral id or they give you a crap stack of useless and outdated e-books, we do things a little different here.

How different, well you be the judge..

Here is my amazing bonus, for anyone who signs up under me and completes Express and Double My Cash Freebies.

1. $20 cash paid directly to your PayPal account within 24 hours of emailing me.

2. You will be emailed a link to my new Instant Payday Network Training Manual

3. You get to work with the guy below, now that’s better than gold all by itself. :)


* No she is not included in the bonus offer *

Yeah now that’s a bonus baby!! You won’t find one better

Instant Payday Network Bonus

So here is all that you have to do to qualify for my super sweet bonus

1. Clear you cookies, to make sure you get credit for signing up under my referral id ( not sure how to clear your cookies, click here)

2. Watch this video here <—— Click Here

3. Enter You Name and Email Address — I will then send you an email, followed by 6 more over then next 10 days

4. Every email will include a link to another page that looks like this

Want To Go Directly To This Page, No Problem Click Here

Instant Payday Network Bonus

5. Click Step 1 –, sign up (make sure you see referred by  ) – sign up for account and complete offers until you reach 1.0 credits ( normally takes 2)

6. Come back to page above with 4 steps ( here is link again), click step 2 for, sign up for new account or just extend your account and complete offers until you reach 1.0 credits (normally takes 2 – 3)

7. Now that you have completed the first two steps, click step 3, enter the referral id numbers you received from step 1 and 2 to unlock the Instant Payday Network Backoffice.

8. Shoot me an email with the following info at [email protected]

  • Your Name
  • The email address you used to sign up for my cash freebies
  • Your PayPal email addres

That’s it, and I will send you $20 to your PayPal account and a link to access your free bonuses.

Pretty simple, right?

Cool, yeah I thought so, only thing I ask is that you come back here and leave a comment saying that everything went smooth and you got everything I promised I would deliver.

Of course you don’t have to leave a comment if you don’t want to..

So that’s it, just do what you would normally do anyways to sign up for Instant Payday Network and I will throw in all kinds of free stuff just for using my referral link.

I wish someone was offering bonuses like this when I signed up for IPN, nope I signed up under the guy who is always in the top 5 of IPN leader board, guess what I got, yep another crap stack of e-books and an sh*t ton of emails…. what a joke…

What are you waiting for there aren’t but three questions that could be going through your head right now..

  1. Is Instant Payday Network a scam
  2. Does Instant Payday Network Work
  3. Were the hell is that sign up button again (pssssst look below)

Instant Payday Network Bonus

Would love to hear your thoughts on my Instant Payday Network Bonus in the comments section below…

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